What Being A Leader Means To Me - Essay ExampleA good leader inspires confidence in their followers. When I was captain of the football team, my fellow teammates were confident in my leadership. When I would go over plays, my teammates knew I had the best interest of the team at heart. When my plays would be successful most of the time, my teammates grew more confident in my leadership. I knew that I was responsible for successful plays. The whole team looked to me. That meant hard work on my part. In order to inspire confidence, I had to offer successful plays. This was accomplished by researching other teams, not to mention the hours of plays I watched on video. I put in hours and hours in order to inspire confidence from my teammates.The second part of being a leader is setting example by actions, not just words. My teammates and I had to endure grueling practices. Some of my teammates might get injured and sit out on practices. I did not have that luxury. In order to set an example by action, I had to endure despite the pain, fatigue, and my body’s weakness.

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